A good primer on the elements of getting your first suit.
No need to purchase a book or go round the web and forum searching for the simple rules that make you look good in your first suit.

The Dapper Team believes that this picture captures almost all the points needed for you to get started!

The Asian Gentleman

Did you have any trouble making your first suit?

Let me guess? You probably spent alot of time going through through forums, websites and blogs just to find out what are the things to look out for in making your suit. We’ve been there and done that. We know how time consuming it can be.

So let the Asian Gentleman save you that trouble and provide a hand drawn visual of the things that you should or want to consider in making your first suit.

Remember “Rules are rules.” You have the power of knowledge, use it to create your own style. Use it to your advantage to create something uniquely you. That is where Substance meets Style.


The Asian Gentleman

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A New Beginning

We abhor being told what to do. It’s part of being a man – We resent rules and believe that they do not apply to us.

It’s all about our own style!

The Dapper Team promises not to tell you what to do, but instead, we seek to share our opinions and have your say in it as well. After all, The Dapper Team believes that we do still care about how we present ourselves to the world and as the saying goes,”Looking good is half the battle won.”

As such, the purpose of our set up is to provide you a primer on the elements of style; but by no means a set of unbending rules. And on top of that, we intend to have feedback, opinion and recommendation of others on  what they think of your style. For all you know, you might start a new trend.

So, please feel free to send in your pictures or suggestions on dressing/style to thedapperteam@gmail.com and allow us to showcase it for you!

The Dapper Team hopes that with each feedback/recommendation, it will help improve your style!